AI Image Generator: A Personal affair

Image generated with AI image generator of a vibrant, multi-colored dragon with intricate scales and a mesmerizing texture
A cute budgie with big eyes wearing a jeweled crown, sitting in a luxurious setting with ornate decorations.

Which AI Image Generator are YOU?

Choosing the right AI image generator is a bit like taking a personality test—it reveals what you’re really into. Before diving in, ask yourself a few key questions to guide your decision.

→Define Your Style Preferences

Are you all about photorealistic vibes, or does fantasy fuel your fire? Or maybe, you’re a fan of both? Identifying your preferred style will help narrow down the options to those that best suit your creative vision.

Consider Your Time Investment

Consider how much time you’re willing to spend tweaking prompts. Some AI image generators require minimal input to produce stunning results, while others offer extensive customization options that can be more time-consuming.

Evaluate Your Budget

What’s your budget? AI image generators come with a range of pricing models, from free basic versions to premium plans with advanced features. Determine how much you’re willing to invest in this creative tool.

Look for Additional Features

And what extra goodies do these AI wizards offer? Some AI image generators come with bonus features like batch processing, advanced editing tools, or integration with other software. These extras can enhance your overall experience and productivity.

Find Your Perfect Creative Partner

These considerations will help you find your perfect creative partner in crime. By aligning your needs and preferences with the capabilities of different AI image generators, you can choose the one that will best support and inspire your creative projects.




How to communicate with my AI Image Generator

Talking to your AI Image Generator is called “prompting”. Every generator has its own prompt structure. The syntax can vary wildly; so a prompt that works perfectly in say, Midjourney doesn’t yield the same results in Leonardo AI or Dall-E. The important thing is that you find a common language with one.

Art Styles

In theory, all AI image generators are capable of all Art styles imaginable. But they are not equally good at it. LeonardoAI has definitely a knack for fantasy, while Midjourney excels in Photorealism. Dall-E has a very distinct own style, lots of blues and pastels with an otherworldly, unrealistic look to them, no matter the motif. Therefore, Dall-E pics are almost instantly identifiable. 

Costs & Extras

From my own experience I can tell you that costs can quickly get out of hand. All AI Image Generators come with a fee attached. Exception is Bing. It lets you create AI images drawing on the Dall-E image generator.

In addition to the cost of the AI image generator a deciding factor should be: How much Photoshop is required to get my desired result or does the AI Generator have tools onboard that let me edit parts of my picture quickly?

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