AI Video and AI Animation

The Dawn of Digital Storytelling

“Make a baby turtle jumping into the surf!”

as if my AI video tool is some kind of Hollywood wizard. Here’s the scoop: AI Video is still just a toddler, stumbling around in oversized shoes.

The Early Days of AI Video

I jumped in, dreams in tow, ready to churn out trailers for my favorite book series—yeah, not quite how it pans out. Right now, what we’ve got is a bit like feeding a photo into a machine and watching it churn out a few seconds of footage.

How AI Video Generators Work

Picture this: you prompt an image, and boom, you get a neat four-second clip. Want more? Sure, it’ll stretch that scene a bit longer, but don’t expect a smooth transition to the next blockbuster shot. It’s essentially stop-motion with a digital twist—no sweeping camera moves or dramatic fades just yet.

The Charm of AI Animation

So, why am I hooked? Simple. I love seeing my static images wiggle and wave, even if it’s just for a moment. It’s like watching your drawings take their first breaths—clunky, yes, but undeniably magical. AI animation may not be ready for its red carpet moment, but it’s got charm, and that’s why I’m sticking around.

The Future of AI Video Generators

AI video generators are still in their infancy. However, their potential is vast. With advancements, we could see smoother transitions, more dynamic scenes, and perhaps even fully-fledged animations that rival traditional methods. For now, it’s all about enjoying the baby steps and appreciating the magic in the making.

AI Video - what to consider*

The Cost of AI Video Generation

Budgeting is always the most important thing. AI video generation doesn’t come cheap but is pretty addictive. There is a free alternative, Stable Diffusion.

The Free Alternative: Stable Diffusion

Problem: Your hardware must be up to snuff and you need to be pretty savvy IT-wise to get it installed on your computer. Stable Diffusion offers a no-cost solution for AI video generation, but it demands robust hardware to function effectively. It’s a classic case of balancing cost and capability.


Assess Your Hardware for AI Video Generation

What is your hardware capable of? Most AI video generators are available online.

Exploring Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is free, in theory. Here are some very basic tech specs to run it: Nvidia Graphics Card 6 GB, 16 GB RAM, and so on. With these specs, it will run quite slow, but at least it’s free.

Alternative: Rent Server Time

Alternatively, check out, where you can buy server time, 30 Minutes are free. 

The Importance of Upscaling in AI Video

Upscaling! Upscaling! Upscaling! If you use an init pic (initial picture from a static AI image generator), scale it up before feeding it to the AI video generator. Otherwise, you deal with bizarre render quality and morphing. Outtakes are plentiful in AI video. 

Use an AI image generator, that lets you upscale your pics. If your AI image generator doesn’t support upscaling, you can use or, if you have more sophisticated hardware than I do, use Topaz Labs


Exploring the Uses of AI Video

What do you want to do with it? I won’t elaborate on things like dancing videos with celebrity faces plastered on. Yes, they give you great reach on socials, but your account will be taken down eventually—once the law catches up.

Animating Static Pictures

I use AI video to animate static pictures. It’s a simple yet captivating way to bring images to life.

Digital Storytelling: A Future Endeavor

I have yet to find a way to master digital storytelling with AI video. It’s a work in progress, and I’m eager to see where it leads. Of course, I am waiting for Open AI’s SORA. 

*Heads up—In general, I fund all my AI tool adventures out of my own pocket, no ads or sponsorships – except for Below I share an affiliate link with you. Otherwise all other tools mentioned on are self-funded as of yet.. Just sharing my creative journey to maybe spark your own art magic. I’m hooked on these tools because they fit just right for what I do, but I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing in AI art. Got suggestions? Drop me a line; my email’s below. Stay tuned for blog posts where I’ll size up new tools against my go-to favorites.

Affiliate link rundiffusion:

I will earn a small commission from that.

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