A sparrow donning lavish Swarovski sunglasses and bejeweled accessories, exuding sophistication.

My AI Journey

Imagine being stuck in a hospital bed, grappling with shingles. Painful, yes, but then enters Midjourney—a complete game-changer. More than just software, it became my gateway to a previously unreachable world. Join me as I recount my transformation from hospital gowns to becoming a digital artist, all sparked by the wonders of AI art. Experience how Midjourney turned my recovery time into a burst of creative energy, ushering in an unexpected artistic journey!

Blended Intelligence is Blended Creativity

Always imagined vivid scenes but lacked the traditional artist’s touch? I was in the same boat. Then, suddenly, AI entered the scene, and it felt like striking visual gold. This isn’t just art; it’s a revelation of my inner gallery, now vibrantly unveiled. Dive into my AI-powered art journey where each pixel narrates the stories my hands once couldn’t express.

Midmonty's home away from home

Charming hedgehog adorned with a jeweled umbrella and fancy accessories, accompanied by a snail

Is AI Art really Art? Unpacking the Controversy from My Own Journey

Watch the trailer for my blog article ↓ Video made with RunwayML LipSync and Capcut ©Midmonty - self-funded, no ad Picture credit: PowerartNFT ← [pac_divi_table_of_contents title="Easy Read" included_headings="off|off|off|on|off|off"...

AI in Medicine: Have the Aliens finally arrived?

Watch the trailer for my blog article ↓ Video made with Midjourney, RunwayML LipSync and Capcut ©Midmonty - self-funded, no ad [pac_divi_table_of_contents included_headings="off|off|off|on|off|off" title_container_bg_color="rgba(108,46,185,0.61)"...

About me

Woman sitting on grass feeding a Yorkshire Terrier, Monty, near a vibrant children's playhouse

From Shingles to AI Art

My Journey so far

Teacher by Trade

Working as a teacher for 20 years in Germany. Main Focus:  IT and languages (German, English)

Dog Mom to the real Monty

Since March 2022, my little Monty lights up my life. He is a Yorkie, so I am mostly serving him when I am not sleeping. All other activities are depending on his approval.

Chronic Illness

Crohn’s disease is the other companion in my life since 2000. Contrary to Monty, it gives nothing back and eats away at my colon; it left me with  2.2 metres which it thinks very generous. Stoma since 2015 took a lot of adjusting. I always try to keep a positive outlook on life but sometimes it feels like being punished for crimes I didn’t even commit. Crohn’s and stoma are twins from hell that take away your dignity one exploded stoma bag at a time.

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