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The democratization of Art

Think you can’t paint your dreams because your hands won’t cooperate? Think again! Artificial Intelligence is here to bridge that gap. We all have a spark of creativity inside, but sometimes the fine motor skills just don’t follow suit. That’s where AI steps in, making art more democratic than ever.

Be the artist you always knew you were

Now, anyone can transform their visions into stunning visual pieces, no brush skills needed. It’s not just about watching art anymore; it’s about making it. With AI, every one of us becomes an artist, and every idea has the potential to bloom into a masterpiece. Dive into this new era where technology empowers us to not just imagine but create.

Blend your creativity with artificial intelligence 

Say goodbye to being just a spectator—grab your AI Art tools and unleash your inner creator!

My Favorite Tools


I have tried many AI image generators, probably all there currently are. Midjourney is the best of them. Or maybe I just found a common language with it.


Video generation and animation. Currently the best there is (until SORA)  and my go-to tool to animate my Midjourney pics. Large variety of options, especially Motion Brush.



You will need this. I know it is expensive. I use it to structure prompts because it understands natural language better than Midjourney. Hardly use
Dall-E in my process, only for first rough drafts

*Heads up—I fund all my AI tool adventures out of my own pocket, no ads or sponsorships here. Just sharing my creative journey to maybe spark your own art magic. I’m hooked on these tools because they fit just right for what I do, but I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing in AI art. Got suggestions? Drop me a line; my email’s below. Stay tuned for blog posts where I’ll size up new tools against my go-to favorites.

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Shingles kickstarted my AI Art journey

Of course you don”t believe me – but when I started out with AI Art, I was in hospital with Shingles. Of course they were in my face. Since I have an autoimmune disease (Crohn’s to be precise) I am getting treatment for it (Stelara). This treatment renders me somewhat immunocompromised so Shingles is one of those nice things you get as a bonus on top of all of your problems.

Be that as it may: Shingles in the face means you need these feel-good hormones on an industrial scale.

Thank God I had my iPad with me (hardly seeing anything because they did all kinds of stuff to my eyes)

Midjourney – the Portal to Magic

I got the tip from a friend (thankful to this day) about a thing called “Midjourney“. So I fired up my credit card and got going.

On April 10, 2023 I opened my Instagram Account @Midmonty. My first prompts were Haikus, because this literary artform is meant to evoke pictures. Midjourney V5 hallucinated a lot back then so my first generations had an otherworldy touch.


Prompting: Mastery of language

Then I slowly realized that my knack for tech, my language talent and all the books I read as a kid were finally coming together in this thing called “prompting“.


Try it yourself!

By the way – Shingles are not required to start with AI Art – try it today and see where it leads you:

On the path to pure magic.

Blended Creativity: Explore My AI Art Styles

AI-crafted 'COSMIC' typography in gemstone design by MidMonty
LUXURIOUS spelled out with regal thrones and a sparkling chandelier by MidMonty
Radiant crystal-inspired typography art by MidMonty
Ethereal 'IMAGINATIVE' Typography by MidMonty

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