Is AI Art really Art? Unpacking the Controversy from My Own Journey

Is AI Art really Art? Unpacking the Controversy from My Own Journey

Navigating the Crossroads of Technology and Traditional Artistry

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When Praise Turns to Skepticism

As my Instagram account @midmonty scales up, so does the chorus of naysayers. “You’re not a real artist,” they claim. But here’s the thing—mastering the language of AI to translate the vivid scenes in my mind onto digital canvases, isn’t that an art form in itself? Prompting, after all, requires a deep understanding and intricate manipulation of language, akin to the brushes of a painter.

The Art of Prompting

Consider this: if art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination, then shaping a complex AI prompt is surely an extension of creativity. Each command I input is a brushstroke, each variable adjustment a choice of color and texture. The finished piece? It’s not just generated; it’s crafted through a dialogue between my creative vision and the machine’s interpretation.

Is All Art Not Born of Innovation?

Every groundbreaking art movement initially faced resistance. Photography and digital art were once outsiders—viewed as mere technological novelties without artistic merit. Yet, they found their place in the annals of art history. AI art is simply the latest frontier, blending code with canvas, algorithms with aesthetics.

Embracing the New Vanguard

Yes, the images that AI produces under my guidance stem from the pictures locked in my thoughts—rendered with precision that perhaps only a machine can achieve. To deny the artistic value of AI-generated works is to overlook the essence of art itself, which is to push boundaries and explore new realms of expression.

Conclusion: A New Era of Artistic Expression

Let’s broaden our understanding and acceptance of what art can be. AI-generated art is not a threat to traditional art; it’s a complement, an expansion of what humans can achieve with the tools of their time. And yes, it scares some, because all new revolutions do. But history will show that innovation in art, just like in any other field, is inevitable and invaluable.


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